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HVAC REFerent - Russian information and analitical company covering HVAC&R area
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"HVAC REFerent" LLC is the Russian information and analytical company uniting the specialists with over 10 years background in the air-conditioning and refrigeration business.

HVAC Referent includes the following workgroups:
● Media (news, events, magazines, articles, market reviews)
● Design Engineering (technical support)
● Translation (language services focused on HVAC&R area)

For overseas companies (including those who intends to enter the Russian market) HVAC REFerent offers the following services of Marketing, advertizing, project and technical support:

• free of charge publishing of press-releases (news on products, technologies, establishing of new factories and divisions, participation in famous meeting, training courses, exhibitions, market news etc.). These materials can be sent in English for the following our translation into Russian;

• advertizing banner setting at the Homepage of HVAC REFerent site (instead of pictures at the top of page). Price depends on the size of banner and the action period (a week, a month …); for viewing banner location see the link...

• writing of articles and other information materials (about the company, products, technology, …) adopted to the Russian market on the basis of your source (catalogs, manuals, design guides etc.) with the following publishing on our site and possible printed publishing in one of the Russian specialized HVAC&R magazines. Price can be agreed depending on size of article, base materials and individual requirements.

• translation into Russian any documents and web-sites covering HVAC&R area. The original languages – all European and main Eastern ones..

• searching for partners and projects.

• peer review of HVAC specifications for projects.

Hoping for fruitful cooperation, HVAC REFerent staff